What Is Probate Valuation? Here’s A Simple Answer

What is probate valuation?

Probate valuation is used to help verify the worth of possessions in a home and its estate for inheritance tax purposes. Rather than just throwing out unwanted or old possessions, some may be cherry-picked for their beauty, good condition and functionality. A valuation can be done to see if your old possessions can go somewhere else like to housing associations or local schools. Bed frames, bookcases, clocks, vases, books etc. can have a lot of worth to someone who needs them. Also you may be throwing out something of high monetary value, so probate valuations are great to find any hidden gems that would be ideal for auction.

Possessions can carry a high sentimental value, especially if they belonged to a deceased family member. If you don’t have the space to keep all these sentimental items, we can ensure that these don’t end up in landfills but are instead re-used and cherished.

Probate valuation and the environment

Probate valuations not only serve a social cause but also an environmental cause. They can reduce the amount of items that get thrown into landfills. When an item is inherited or passed onto someone else this means it will take longer to end up in a landfill or recycled. This is great for the environment as no energy is used that can be harmful to the atmosphere.


We understand that just because you are clearing out a home and getting rid of stuff after probate valuation, doesn’t mean that you no longer care about it. We know that possessions can carry huge sentimental value to the person, even if it means nothing to someone else. Here at Manor Clearance we like to make sure that you know where your possessions are going, and if in good condition, they will be given to those who need it. We care about people, communities and the environment and this is what separates us from other removal companies.

Manor Clearance can arrange your probate valuations as well as the clean up afterwards. Rest assured that your possessions will be taken care of even after removal.