Manor clearance is a London based house clearance company that offers a wide range of clearing services to all residents of Surrey and its environs. We have the right team, equipment, tools at your disposal. Excellence, professionalism and affordability are at the heart of our business.

Here are some reasons why you should hire us for your house clearance services in Surrey;

  • If you are moving house or moving offices, call Manor clearance as your first option. We have the right equipment and transport trucks to move all your household and office items from one premise to another without any damage.
  • We have a team of trusted professionals who can be relied upon to move all your items without incident.
  • If there are items you would like to donate to charity, just let us know which items these are and you can trust that everything you would like donated would end up at the charity.
  • An added advantage of working with Manor clearance for your house clearance needs in Surrey is that once you contact us, we will send over an inspector. They will come asses the items you want moved and advice you on the best way to go around it.
  • In the past we have realized some clients are not aware of the value of the items they have with them. These collectibles can be sold for quite a tidy sum or can be donated to a charity of choice. In event you would like to auction or sell of an item of value, we can help you sell off your items.
  • We are keen on recycling and we play our part in conserving the environment. Whatever can be recycled, reused or donated, we do our best to ensure it is. We see the landfill as our last option.


For any queries and any house clearance tasks, give us a call today and we will gladly assis.