Why We Are The Best Company To Hire For House Clearance In London

We are Manor Clearance, a house clearance company with an environmentally-friendly ethos. Read on for why we are the best company to hire for your clearance needs.

  1. We have over 30 years’ experience in house clearance
    Our experience shows that we are competent in house clearance, reputable and trustworthy. We will respect your home and work quickly and efficiently.
  2. Ethical green clearance company
    The environment will always be considered when clearing your old possessions. We consciously aim to reduce your carbon footprint today to preserve the world for tomorrow. We pay particular attention to upcycling and recycling, which use less energy and resources than using landfills.
  3. Probate valuations
    We provide probate valuations which are extremely useful and necessary when clearing any property assets of a deceased relative.
  4. Friendly, punctual, flexible and experienced staff
    Our staff are exactly what you would expect from us. They follow all confidentiality guidelines.
    We are caring and sensitive about your privacy and we understand that possessions can be hard to part with and can be sentimental. Our staff provide the most professional and efficient service.
  5. We are easy to contact and aim to accommodate your schedule
    We will discuss with you a time that suits you best. We are easily contactable for quotes and discussions about what we do remove, how we remove it and whether they’ll be disposed of or given to a new cause.
  6. We cover many areas in and around London
    Wherever you are in London and surrounding areas, we will be able to reach you. See our site for the full lit of postcodes we cater to.
  7. Charity work
    We have a humanitarian obligation to help others. We donate to charities regularly. See our site for more information.

Feel confident that we will clear your home in a professional, efficient way. Contact us today for a quote.