Manor Clearance has been a professional flat clearance provider in London for over 30 years.

We take your flat clearance and probate valuation needs very seriously and we provide top-class service at competitive prices.

We Take Care of Valuables

Our company goal is to provide top-quality service, having in mind your personal or business needs, as well as perform the flat clearance by following top environmental care standards. If we manage to find valuable objects or other valuables of any kind, we shall contact you immediately to provide advice on how to manage these items in your best interest.

No matter if you need flat clearance due to probate valuation or simple flat cleaning to remove any unwanted items, our team of specialists will approach your requirements with care.

Clearance Obstacles

Our happy clients have found our team to be skillful and fast and we provided top service no matter if is a ground floor flat or a 10th floor flat. This kind of clearance by nature can be more demanding in organization and approach due to narrow stairs and other limitations of the building itself. That makes this kind of service different from the traditional house clearance services we provide. We have already seen lots of different obstacles and we have the experience to overcome those.


Flat clearance costs are usually dependent on the flat size, the number of items, the distance, and the desired type of service. For details and an exact quote about the price for your flat clearance request, please get in touch with us using the contact form on the right or call us.


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  • Affordable Prices
  • Eco-friendly – Highest Recycling Rate
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