Sri Lanka ProjectManor Clearance is working on a request from several schools in Sri Lanka to see if we can help with old IT Equipment, Computers, Monitors etc. These schools are in rural areas and quite often do not have IT equipment for their students to use.

The Principals asked for these things as they don’t have the resources to purchase them and it such a important thing for their students education.

Sri Lanka is still recovering from the war it had there, so government help for these schools is very little, sometimes nothing. so it is left to the local community quite often to appeal for outside help. We are more than happy to keep you posted as to which school your unneeded IT goes to and keep you updated with the students progress. It is not money we are asking but your surplus IT to help these children.

Please if you can help we are grateful as it is a project close to our hearts, but more importantly it gives these children a chance to participate in the modern world. We will collect, issue WEEE certificates and show where these uneeded IT equipment is going

Please get in touch with us, to support the charity projects in Sri Lanka