Manor Clearance is committed to recycling, and has been at the forefront of upcycling for a number of years. We believe that it is important that we all do what we can to reduce our carbon foot print and to prevent unwanted items going to land fill.

We are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to make this happen. With a little tweaking, decoration, and love, these unwanted objects can be given a new lease of life, sometimes for an entirely new intended use !

This is not a new concept. In times of hardship (especially during the war years), upcycling was not an ‘on-trend’ concept, but simply a way of life. ‘Make do and mend’ was the mantra of the day. People had to make the most of what they had to hand, putting the best of their creativity to this purpose. Now more than ever, we are learning these valuable lessons once more, as the demands of a growing global population, and decline in resources force us to rethink our rampant consumerist habits. We at Manor Clearance are passionate about doing our bit.

This is not just a lifestyle choice, it is a necessity to preserve our planet for future generations. We welcome input from like-minded people who care about our planet who can help us in getting this message across.

Manor Clearance is part of the London Upcycling Collective Kinship.