house-clearanceHouse Clearance Services by Manor Clearance

We can clear all or part of your house. Our initial inspection as part of the house clearance service will ascertain if any of your belongings have a resale value and we gladly offset their value against the cost of the clearance.

We will offer advice on your antiques and collectibles if any on the best way to sell them. We offer a cleaning service and can secure your property if needed.

House Clearance Solutions.

Let us quote you show you what we do. Manor Clearance can clear your house to advise you on the best way to sell any valuables and collectibles if any. Clear your house leaving it swept clean. If needed provide a cleaning service. We can also secure your property should it be needed. It is with upcycling and recycling that we a passionate. We can relocate any items to a chosen address. If you have a charity, project that you would like some of the contents to go to then we will gladly do this. Landfill should and must be the last resort.