How To Make House Clearance As Easy As Possible

House clearance is not an easy job. If you are in need of this kind of house clearance services, it is very likely you have recently experienced a not so pleasant family event or you simply have a property that is generating more expenses and you would like to get rid of it as fast as possible.

But house clearance is a something you need to organize in advance, before you decide to sell the property off. Doing this by yourself is a difficult task. This is the reason that many people nowadays are turning to professional house clearance companies in London and UK wide: to help them take the stress away.  Below you’ll find a few tips to help plan and execute your house clearance with the minimum amount of stress.

Time Management

House clearance is affected by the time you actually have to dedicate to this activity. So time management is very important. Workout how much time you actually have and plan all of your house clearance activities accordingly. Proper planning will make sure that the process runs smoothly and it is very likely that you will need around half a day for each room that you need cleared.  Always have in mind you need some time reserved for unplanned and unexpected (usually not so pleasant) surprises as well.

Red, Yellow, Green

Now you have to work out a system to categories your items: stuff you want out of the house, stuff you will give away and stuff that will end up in the dumpster. The best way to categorize fast is use the traffic lights system and mark the items in red, yellow and green do list

In case someone close to you has left you the property after his or her death, you will probably have a lot of items marked in yellow and red, but think twice before you decide to throw stuff away, especially if the items are useful and in proper condition. These items may look like they have served their purpose, but remember there are people in this world that may be very grateful to have this stuff that is absolutely of no need to you. So consider hiring a company that will find the right people for these items and take them off your hands. You will be doing a triple favor: to yourself for getting them out of the house, to your environment: not cluttering with more trash and to the person in need.

Moving Stuff Around Can Be Tiresome

Once you have labeled it all and made up your mind about most of the items, you will have to start moving. Now this is something you definitely need help with. It simply requires physical strength and a team. This is the part where a house clearance company would undeniably be of great benefit. The house clearance companies in London have teams of people specially trained to treat your items with care. At the same time they are well organized not to make a mess out of your house while moving your red labeled items.

If you decide to hire a house clearance service for this final phase, you need to be able to tell them how much stuff you actually need to be cleared. You do not need to worry much about the evaluation you need to provide. Just imagine if you have enough stuff for one standard skip or more than one. Anyway any proper and experienced house clearance company in London would need just a rough idea, not an exact number.

Be Careful About Legal Documents

Make sure you keep all of your important documents especially the ones containing personal data and sensitive information. It is advisable you do the categorizing of these documents on your own and try to find a company that will offer a security shredding service as well.