House Clearance London

When it comes to house clearance in London, look no further than Manor Clearance. We are a London based house clearance service offering our services to all residents of London and its environs.

Here are some reasons you should contact us for all your house clearance services in London;

  • When moving houses or premises, you may have some items you may need moved from one venue to the other. We have specialized trucks and vans capable of moving all your items safely and securely.
  • We have the most affordable rates in the house clearance industry. We have all the tools and equipment needed to do a great job.
  • If you would like to donate some items to charity, do let us know and we will ensure that the items go to the charity of your choice. We are capable, trustworthy and professional, and we will follow your instructions diligently and to the letter.
  • The advantage of hiring us for all your clearance needs is that we are professional. When you call us, we will send an inspector over to discuss your clearance needs and assess what you need moved, what you would like recycled or donated. Once this is carried out, we can advise on the way forward and agree on the scheduled date and time you would like us to visit and we will share a quotation.
  • More often than not, some clients may have items of value that they are not aware of. We advise our clients what may be valuable and resold at a good rate or if you so wish, we could donate the items to a charity of your choosing. We have experience to immediately assess items of value which you can retain or sell or what you can recycle.
  • The advantage of this is that you can use some of the money from selling some of your items to offset the house clearance cost which saves you money in the long run.


For your entire house clearance needs, give us a call; Manor clearance will be sure to provide efficient and affordable services and will not disappoint.