Probate Valuation Chiswick
Manor Clearance probate valuation services in Chiswick W4 are fully all HMRC compliant. These kind of services are usually request at difficult times. The least we can do at those hard times is providing you with complete emotional and professional support that you need to be able to go through the process of probate valuation. Our team of valuers are always discrete and will act your best interests.

Why hire Manor Clearance for the probate valuation of your property in Chiswick W4? Here is why:

  • Very often we find valuable items during the process of probable valuation. So we provide probate valuation services are holistic, from sorting of items, to advising you on where to auction all that is valuable. We can transport on your behalf whatever needs to be taken to charity and donated. We also advice and liaise with trustees and executors on Chattels valuations. We also advice you on conditional exemption of the Capital gains tax as well as Inheritance Tax.
  • Starting with a standard probate valuation that is done in 3 hours at a cost of £200 over to a detailed probate valuation that requires about a week we will provide you with a complete service. The first draft probate valuations are often finished in 2 to 3 days. The purpose of these drafts is to provide an indication or estimation of various items, at current market value. The usual presentation of a draft probate valuations will contain thumbnail images, each with accurate description. That way we can identify items easier later on.
  • Often the probate valuation process is followed by a removal of items to different locations. If you require help in that field, we are more than glad to provide it. We also provide property security services as well as detailed inventory records of all items therein.
  • Our clients often come to us with a request to search and find a valuable item or asset (document) that has been lost for a longer period of time or simply misplaced. We are experts at providing such services. These could include searching and finding items such as title deeds, wills, valuable items and antiques, jewelry, and so on so forth. We’ll then help connect you with the best auctioneers and solicitors around, where you can sell such at the best prices.


Take advantage of our free consultations and advice, and we’ll be glad to discuss your probate valuation services in Chiswick W4. We are flexible so you can send us photos and images of your property and items, for a quick verbal estimation so as to give you an idea of what to expect.