Probate Valuation RichmondWhen death occurs, it is always an emotional moment. We are inclined to go through the mourning process of grief and we may need time to heal. The challenge is that life doesn’t stop and give us time to mourn our loss. There are tasks that we have to undertake, including handling the affairs of the property of the deceased. Probate valuation in Richmond and all UK should be done within 6 months and is ideally conducted in accordance with HMRC standards. All residents of Richmond TW10, TW9 and SW14 can rest assured that Manor clearance is your trusted and reliable partner when it comes to all matters of probate valuations.

  • We have 30 years of solid experience. All our valuers are qualified and have been registered by RICS. This means they have skills to ensure all valuations are done efficiently and professionally. They will carry out the valuation as quickly as possible and we go out of our way make the process much more easy to understand
  • It is normal practice to have probate valuations overseen by the District valuers at the Capital Taxes office. It is important to ensure the valuations are accurate and unbiased so as to not raise any questions. If so, you might be liable to high penalties and fines; it’s thus important to get the valuation right the first time.
  • Depending on your personal preference, we can either give you an oral probate valuation on site or we can give you a written probate valuation.
  • For all the years we have carried out probate valuations, we have had a 100% acceptance record, meaning all our probable valuations have been accepted and none have been rejected or questioned.
  • We ensure we do a meticulous job by helping you go through items left behind. We document all these items, take photos for record keeping and we go even further by transporting items due for auctioning on your behalf.



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