Probate Valuation Hounslow
Probate Valuation
Hounslow TW3, TW4

Are you a resident of Hounslow TW3, TW4, and have found yourself as the executor of the estate left behind? Are you looking for a probate valuation company to value all the items and properties left behind?  Oh, or you’ve never even heard of the term probate, and are wondering why such would be important?  Manor Clearance is here to make things easier and smoother.  The company has been professional and affordable probate clearance services for over 3 decades. Their track record speaks for itself, and they always ensure that their valuations are one according to HMRC rules and regulations. Below, Manor clearance attempts to shed light on this very important process;

What is a probate valuation?

Probate is a legal term used to request documents that will enable you to get the full and legal rights to managing the estate left behind. A probate valuation is a process of trying to understand the value of personal belongings like cars, boats, jewelry, and it should always be done in accordance with the Inheritance Tax Act of 1984.

What is the importance of a professional probate valuer?

It’s important that you get a professional valuer to do the probate valuation. Section 160 of the above-named act is very clear on this aspect, and if the valuation is done by someone who isn’t fully qualified, then it is as good as nullified! When the Act talks of a professional valuer, it means that he or she must be RICS qualified and registered.

Why should you hire Manor Clearance?

Manor clearance has some of the best valuers you’ll find anywhere in Hounslow TW3, TW4. All are RICS registered and have a wealth of experience in doing probate valuations.


Manor clearance has been offering accurate and reliable probate valuation services for the last 30 years! Feel free to contact them today for all your probate valuation-related needs in Hounslow TW3, TW4.