Probate Valuation London
Probate valuation services in London are often offered when families of the deceased are still in the mourning period. Manor Clearance understands this fact very well, and we offer the best probate services possible. Our company has over 20 years’ worth of experience in estate valuations. We will help calculate the inheritance tax, revenues, and the value of all assets left behind. It is important to hire a professional probate valuer because this is the first step towards ensuring that you become the bona fide executor or administrator of the estate left behind. If you choose not to hire a probate valuer, you are likely to incur taxi liabilities either due to overvaluation or undervaluing.  At Manor Clearance, our valuers are RICS qualified and very suitable to do an accurate valuation.


  • Manor probate valuation services are relevant for the residents of London since they are conversant with the laws that govern each property. We are efficient and reliable in the services we offer to London residents.
  • We understand that you may be going through a tough time. Our staff and experienced personnel are there to provide support and advice, whenever needed. We offer our full support as we carry out the probate valuation in line with the Inheritance Tax Act of 1984.
  • We are also able to assist you with the properties you want to resale and reuse. We can transport some of the items either for auctioning or to charity as a donation. Besides, Manor clearance boasts of a team of qualified cleaners, movers, decorators, locksmiths, and gardeners. They will ensure they have completed the specified job on time.
  • We are able to provide you with a written document that has the declaration value listed. We provide a clear assessment of the value you can fetch from auctioning your property.
  • Our services are ideal for both residential and commercial properties.


Talk to us today if you have any Probate Valuation related queries; you can never go wrong with our reputable services.