Probate Valuation BelgraviaAre you a resident of Belgravia SW1, and are looking for the right Probate Valuation company? Well, Manor Clearance is proud to introduce our valuation services; we have been offering valuation services for over 30 years, and wish to welcome you on board. We understand that even in this day and age, people still know very little about probate valuations. This article seeks to shed more light on some of the basic things you ought to know about a probate valuation.

What does the term probate mean?

A probate is a term used to refer to the legal procedure where you request a document that allows you to take full control of an estate left behind by a deceased person. Usually, this document is gotten from HM Courts and Tribunal Services and is granted to you to show that you are the bonafide executor or the administrator of the estate. In order for a court to grant you probate, you’ll need several documents, chief among them being a probate valuation.

What then is a probate valuation?

Probate valuations are professional assessments done by RICS certified and registered surveyors and valuers, often for the purposes of inheritance tax by HMRC. The valuation seeks to therefore establish the worth of an estate, whether taxable or non-taxable.

Why should you hire Manor clearance to do the probate valuation for you?

A valuation has to be done by a professional in order for it to be admissible to HMRC. As such, Manor clearance brings a wealth of experience and expertise each time you contact us to do the probate valuation for you. Mind you, Section 160 of the Inheritance Tax Act of 1984 dictates that the probate valuation is done by an RICS qualified and certified valuer.


For any queries or valuation-related needs in Belgravia SW1 and the surrounding areas, feel free to contact Manor Clearance. We are the real pros and will give you free advice to get the entire process started.