Probate Valuation Belmont
Probate Valuation Belmont SM2

For over 3 decades now, Manor Clearance has emerged as the leading, most reliable probate valuation company in Belmont SM2 and the larger area of Surrey. We don’t just promise you an accurate and HMRC-certified valuation report; we also personalize our services to ensure that we stand shoulder to shoulder with you at a moment when you are still grieving.  With Manor Clearance, all you have to do is sit back and leave everything to us; we’ll get the Probate valuation ready in a matter of days, and advise you on other documents that you’ll need to show HMRC before probate can be granted.

Seeing that most people around Belmont SM2 still don’t know much about probate valuations, we have taken it upon ourselves to highlight some of the basic things you should know about a probate valuation;

  1. 6 Month Duration; a probate valuation must always be done before or within 6 months after the deceased has passed on. This window of 6 months is clearly spelled out in the Inheritance Tax Act of 1984; failure to comply always attracts hefty fines and penalties from HMRC.
  2. Inheritance Act of 1984; you don’t have to be a lawyer or solicitor to know that the Inheritance Tax Act of 1984 is the cornerstone upon which probate valuations are done. The act stipulates what items can be included for taxation purposes, and what s exempted; for instance, wedding rings and other gifts you exchange with your spouse cannot be included in a probate valuation; they are not taxable.
  3. RICS; the Royal Institution of Certified Surveyors is the umbrella body that registers and certifies a valuer or surveyor as fit to practice. Therefore, when we tell you that all our valuers are RICS qualified, it means that you can rely on them to do an accurate and professional job.


Manor Clearance can also help you get the top auctioneers around, in case you have items that you need to auction.