Probate Valuation Camden
A probate valuation in Camden NW1 is an unfortunate but necessary form of valuation, often necessitated by the loss of a family member. Once a loved one has departed, you’ll need to value their possessions, property, and money, and so on so forth. Seeing that this is an emotional task, at a difficult time, it is prudent that you get a team of probate valuers sensitive to the reality of the moment. We are your reliable partners when it comes to probate valuations in Camden NW1 and the surrounding areas. Our probate services are all done by qualified valuers in order to ensure that they are HMRC compliant.

  • Our probate valuers are all RICS qualified and registered. This tells you that you can fully trust our final valuation reports as accurate and usable for proper for inheritance tax purposes.
  • The inheritance Tax Act of 1984 dictates that a probate valuation must always be conducted by a qualified valuer, and a legal document produced thereafter. We are well aware of this fact and will explain everything you need to know about probate valuation in simple, understandable language.
  • At the difficult moment of bereavement, we understand that you may not be strong or composed enough to think clearly about how probate valuations should really be done. At such moments, we’re always honored to send in our professional valuers free of charge to your premises. Here, they’ll provide a verbal assessment of the property or items, as well as free advice on the way forward.
  • When you want a fully compiled probate valuation report that’s admissible to HMRC, you just need to contact us. We’ll agree on all fees before we commence the valuation process. In the 30 years that we have been offering probate services in London, we have managed to make contacts with the best firms and auctioneers. We’ll help link you up with such if you have antiques, pieces of art, jewelry, and other valuable items that can fetch money.


Even if you have items of high value that may be subject to the Capital Gains Tax, our able valuers are always on standby to offer their professional advice to you. Contact us today for all your probate services in Camden NW1, and surrounding areas