Carshalton Probate ValuationOur probate valuation services in Carshalton SM5 and surrounding areas are all HMRC compliant. That aside, we are also awake to the reality that probate valuations come at a difficult moment; the least we can do at Manor Clearance is providing you with the emotional and professional support that you need at this moment. Our valuers are discrete and will always act to the best of your interests.

There are several reasons why you should hire us for all your probate valuation needs in Carshalton SM5;

  • Our probate valuation services are holistic, from the sorting of all the items, to advising you on where to auction whatever is acutionable, or transporting on your behalf whatever needs to be donated. We also advice and liaise with trustees and executors on Chattels valuations. We also advice you on conditional exemption of the Capital gains tax as well as Inheritance Tax.
  • A standard probate valuation can be done in about 3 hours at a cost of £200. But if you want something more detailed, that requires about a week. Draft probate valuations are often done in 2 to 3 days, and aim to give you an indication or estimation of various items, at current market value. Our draft probate valuations will contain thumbnail images, each with accurate descriptions to make identification of items easier.
  • If any removal is required during or after the probate valuation, you can always count on us to do that effectively, and fast. We also provide property security services as well as detailed inventory records of all items therein.
  • If you have valuable items that are misplaced within your house or property, we are experts at searching for such. These could include title deeds, wills, valuable items and antiques, jewelry, and so on so forth. We’ll then help connect you with the best auctioneers and solicitors around, where you can sell such at the best prices.


Take advantage of our free consultations and advice, and we’ll be glad to discuss your probate valuation task. You can even send us photos and images of your property and items, for a quick verbal estimation so as to give you an idea of what to expect.