Probate Valuation Caterham
Probate Valuation Caterham CR3

Manor clearance is your reliable probate valuation company in Caterham CR3. We have considerable experience helping executors and administrators of estates to conduct the usually difficult process of probate valuations. We are always cognizant to the fact that probate valuations are emotionally difficult. We walk with you the entire way, from valuing the items within the property, to the actual sale of the property, if need be.

  • Our valuers are highly qualified and experienced. Our probate valuation services are in accordance with the Probate Process. We’ll help you fill the income Tax returns, either via IHT 400 form, or the IHT 205 form.
  • According to HMRC rules and regulations, a probate valuation must be commenced before 6 months after the death of a loved one. Failure to comply with that deadline may lead to heavy penalties and fines.
  • That’s why it is very important that you contact us as early as possible, to avoid incurring any fines or penalties. You can rest assured that all our valuers and surveyors are RICS qualified and registered. The Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors is the umbrella body that ensures that only qualified valuers practice.
  • We pride ourselves of a 100% acceptance rate with HMRC; none of our probate valuation has ever been rejected. This is because we always strive to be accurate, unbiased, and fair. All our valuation services are conducted in line with the current open market value.
  • We can breakdown the valuation process; we value personal possessions, jewelry, furniture, paintings, a house, cars, boats, and works of art, and so on so forth. Basically, we are always versatile and equal to any task.
  • In case the deceased had instructed you to donate some items to charity, or you wish to take some items for auctioning, we’ll gladly help you transport such.


Manor clearance operates 24/7; give us a call today and we’ll discuss all your probate valuation needs within Caterham CR3, and the surrounding areas. We are your discrete, professional, and caring probate valuation company.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]