Probate Valuation Dorking
Probate Valuation Dorking RH4

There are things in life that we hardly look forward to; the demise of a close person is a perfect example. You suddenly find yourself as the administrator or executor of the property left behind, with little or no time to have overcome the grieving period. To make it worse, income and revenue laws dictate that a probation valuation be done soonest, failure to which you’re hit with hefty penalties for non compliance. The trick is to always get a valuation company that understands what you’re going through, and is reliable enough to get the job done. At Manor clearance, we pride ourselves of doing just that in Dorking RH4!

  • We have a professional customer care team that will promptly reach out to you when you give us a phone call. Regardless of your probate valuation related queries and requirement, we’ll automatically make you feel at home and welcome.
  • Secondly, we can dispatch our valuers and surveyors to your premises at a moment’s notice. This could be in order to help advice you on the best way forward, and how to get the job at hand done.
  • The most important thing when getting a probate valuation done, is to ensure that i) The valuers and surveyors are RICS registered, ii) That the valuation process is done in tandem with the Inheritance Act of 1984, iii) And that the valuation is done within 6 months of the death of a loved one.
  • At Manor clearance, we don’t just meet the above threshold; we get the job done accurately and professionally. We will give you a photographic inventory of all the items around the property, and advice you on what can be auctioned, what’s taxable, and what can be donated to charity.
  • We take it upon ourselves to transport such items on your behalf, and also hook you up with the top auctioneers around London.


Manor clearance will always be on standby to offer you professional and personalized probate valuation services in Dorking RH4 and the immediate environs. Contact us today if you have any queries.