Probate Valuation Hampstead
We are a probate valuation company that is well-known for our professionalism, efficiency, and our affordable rates. We are HMRC compliant and we provide our services to residents of Hampstead NW3 and all surrounding areas.

We are aware that probate valuations come at a difficult time and we understand this; we are here to make the process smoother. We act in discretion and uphold a high level of confidentiality and integrity in handling all your probate valuation needs.

Here are some reasons why you should hire us for all your valuation needs in Hampstead NW3;

  • We are the leading probate valuation company in Hampstead NW3 and we carry out all services from sorting out your items to helping you find the right auctioneers to transporting the items you would like to donate to charities.
  • When it comes to valuations, we give you advice and counsel on conditional exemptions of the inheritance tax and capital gains tax
  • When it comes to probate valuations, it can cost about £200 for a period of 3 hours. A detailed and more comprehensive probate valuation can take about a week. We offer draft probate valuations with clear descriptions, thumbnail images, and current market prices to help identify items much easier.
  • For any reason, if during the probate valuation period you might need to move items, we will do it for you and return the items to their original position. We do this quickly and efficiently.
  • We advise our clients what items are ideal for auctioneering. These are antique items, jewelry and art pieces, or any other item of value.
  • In the event you would like to look for misplaced items or missing wills in your house or property, we offer help in locating these items.


We are the top valuations company so talk to us for all your probate valuation needs in Hampstead NW3.