Probate Valuation KensingtonFor the many years that our valuers have been offering probate valuation Kensington services, we have gained invaluable experience and exposure. Our client base continues to grow, and we are one of the most recommended probate valuation companies in Kensington and surrounding areas.

What makes our probate valuation services so great?

  • All our probate valuers are RICS qualified, and they practice strictly under the guidelines of HMRC. This means that you can always rely and count on the accuracy and validity of our final probate valuation report.
  • When our valuers come to your property for a valuation, they always treat you with courtesy and are always ready to answer or explain anything that may not be clear.
  • Within 5 days of viewing the property, they are able to come up with an accurate valuation report.
  • Today, all probate valuers must work in accordance with the Inheritance Act of 1984; we too are bound by this Act.
  • We will also come up with a comprehensive valuation report that includes photographs of all the valuable items around your property. Each photograph will have a description so that you can quickly acquaint yourself with the value of everything therein.
  • Our valuers will also include collectibles, artifacts, and other personal items of value.
  • In instances where you need to move or transfer some items from the property, either with an aim to resell the property or to rent it out, we do offer clearance and removal services.

Is that all about our services?

It’s also worth emphasizing that in case you need to have any items auctioned or sold off, we will help you get the best deal. Over the years, we have worked with many auctioneers around and we are better placed to suggest the best deal for you.

Talk to us today, you can never go wrong with our probate valuation services.