Probate Valuation Lewisham
Probate Valuation Lewisham SE13,SE26

A Probate valuation ought to be done in a smooth, accurate, and professional way. In most cases, you are emotionally disturbed and are not in a position to think very clearly so quickly after the loss of a loved one. If you happen to be facing this kind of a scenario in Lewisham SE13, SE26 and the immediate environs, then you need not worry. Manor Clearance is your reliable partner in getting this job done, and you can never go wrong with our highly professional services.

What is the importance of a probate valuation|?

  • When someone has died, there are the laid down procedures and rules on how you will gain the legal rights to manage the estate they’ve left behind.
  • The acquisition of these legal rights is known as the grant of representation. This means that all the possessions, money, and property that have been left behind are valued before you are given the rights to manage them.
  • According to the Inheritance Tax Act of 1986, Section 160, this valuation must be done within 60 days after a person has died.
  • Besides, it has to be done by a valuer or surveyor who is RICS qualified and registered. All our valuers meet this threshold, and you can always rest assured that the probate valuation will be accurate and objective.
  • If you require a quick verbal valuation of the property or items, you just need to inform our team. We can come to your premises at a moment’s notice, and give you a quick approximation based on the open market value.
  • Manor clearance is also glad to inform you that we help sort out your items household goods, then arrange them neatly for ease of reference. We can also give you an inventory f all these items in photographic records.


Our services are affordable; you can even pay us from the proceeds of what you get from auctioning some items you no longer require. Contact us today for more details.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]