Merton Probate Valuation
Probate Valuation Merton CR4, SW19

If you live in Merton CR4, SW19 or the surrounding areas, and are looking for a probate valuation company, there are some basic things you ought to ask yourself. Much as these types of valuations come at a moment when we are in grief and mourning, it is still important that you get it done on time, and in the right way.  Before you rush to make a hasty decision, these are some of the things you should always know about probate valuations;

  • Before any valuer convinces you that they are the right people to handle your valuation, always seek to find out whether they are RICS registered and certified. If they are not, then you are doomed to failure as their valuation may not be very accurate.
  • Only a RICS registered surveyor or valuer like those at Manor clearance, can be able to value your property according to the open market value, without any bias. Ordinary estate agents are not qualified enough to do a proper valuation.
  • It is also important that you get a valuation company that is also able to help you transition smoothly, and guiding you forward where you are clueless. At Manor Clearance, our valuers will help you sort out all items found within the estate and provide an inventory for ease of reference. The inventory can be in form of photographic records, each labeled clearly.
  • We are aware of the fact that you may need to donate some of the items within the estate. Again, Manor clearance is best placed to help you transport such for donations, or auctioning and recycling.
  • Gifts and other valuable items that were shared between married couples are never included in the inheritance Tax. A good valuation company should educate you on such, so that you are not overtaxed.


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