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Welcome to Manor Clearance, your leading and trusted probate valuations service provider. We have immense experience servicing residents of Morden SM4, having done it for almost 30 years now. A probate valuation is something that should be done in a professional way being cognizant of the grief that you may be still undergoing. However, as the executor or administrator of the estate, you have no option but to gather your courage, and get the valuation done. Once the probate valuation is done, you don’t have to worry about future investigations from HMRC. Besides, it is usually the first step towards gaining full control and managing of the estate.

Why Manor Clearance?

  • At Manor Clearance, a Probate Valuation is more than just an exercise that we come, do, and then leave. To us it’s a journey; we walk hand in hand with you each step of the way, helping you get the most value out of every single item left behind.
  • Our valuers are always willing to give you professional and reliable advice on the dos and don\t during a probate valuation. For instance, you are not supposed to include gifts that were given by your spouse, as these not taxable according to the Inheritance Tax Act of 1984.
  • We will also advice you on the best places to sell and auction your collectibles and antiques. If you wish to, we can transport the items safely on your behalf to the top auctioneers around.
  • The beauty of hiring our probate valuation services is that you can pay us using the proceeds you get from auctioned off items. Furthermore, we help conduct holistic searches around the house and property, to locate any missing valuables or documents.


Manor Clearance is here to make the probate valuation as easy and fast as possible, without compromising on the accuracy. Contact our customer care team today, you’ll be impressed by their courtesy and warmth.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]