Probate Valuation Notting Hill
Probate Valuation Notting Hill W11

Manor Clearance offers probate valuation services in Notting Hill W11, and basically in the larger Notting Hill area. Our valuers are all professionals who are RICS qualified and capable of coming up with an accurate and reliable written valuation that’s admissible to HMRC. We have been offering our probate valuation services for over three decades now, and our track record speaks for itself.

  • An inaccurate probate valuation is the surest way of either inviting hefty penalties, or even attracting extra inheritance tax. The trick is therefore to ensure that the process is done by a qualified team of valuers and surveyors.
  • Our probate services meet the threshold spelt out in the Inheritance Tax Act of 1984. When valuing your items and other household goods left behind, we advice you on what’s taxable and what is shielded from the inheritance tax. Items like gifts shared or exchanged between couples are never taxed and are thus left out when valuing the items.
  • In instances where you have items that you feel should be donated to charity or taken for auctioning, Manor clearance is always on standby. We can transport such items on your behalf, and ensure that all the proceeds reach you.
  • There are times you may wish to clear the house left behind, either so as to resell it, or have it remodeled, In such instances, you can also call us to come and sort out the items there in, and take what can be taken for recycling, or auctioning like mentioned above.
  • Our fees are affordable, with a standard valuation going for just £ 200. A detailed and comprehensive written probate valuation can be done in around 72 hours.


Manor clearance is always ready to offer our highly professional and reliable probate valuation services. Contact us today for more details, we’ll be glad to be of help.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]