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Probate Valuation Orpington BR1,BR2,BR3

Probate valuations are by nature emotionally sensitive exercises. They come at a time of grief, when one has hardly moved on from the demise of a loved one. Although you’ll get many valuers out there claiming to be able to doing an accurate search, not all are to be trusted. If you are a resident of Orpington BR1, BR2, BR3, then Manor clearance should always be your number one choice for all probate valuation related needs and queries.


What can be included in the probate valuation?

  • Usually, if the total value of the items at your disposal is more than £ 500, then these should be included in the valuation report. These could include personal belongings, jewelry, cars, boats, airplanes, art works, and so on so forth.
  • HMRC rules and regulations dictate that all items must be listed down in the valuation report, and that the valuation of estate is done by a RICS certified surveyor. This is to ensure that the valuation is done according to the open market value, free of any bias or exaggerations.
  • If you have any antiques, and other items that you wish to take for auctioning, Manor Clearance is proud to announce that we have formed contacts with the best auctioneers around. We’ll help you get value for your items by directing you to the best auctioneers. We can also arrange and take the items on your behalf.
  • You can ask our valuers for a quick verbal valuation, or a comprehensive written valuation report. The valuation is accurate, and is usually attached to your other Inheritance Tax forms downloaded from HMRC website.
  • In the over 3 decades that we have been offering our probate services, we have never found ourselves in trouble with HMRC, or having any of our valuation reports rejected.
  • This clearly tells you that we are professional and genuine; feel free to contact us on phone or Email with all your queries. You can never go wrong with our probate valuation services.