Probate Valuation SurbitonProbate valuations are never easy to handle or execute. From the emotional anguish, one is undergoing to the complex issues involved in an HMRC compliant valuation; it’s never an easy road. That’s why any time you find yourself as the executor or administrator of an estate, you should always consult a reputable probate valuation company.  Often, you want to adhere to all the rules and regulations pertaining to the Inheritance Tax Act but also come to terms gradually that a loved one is gone and you have to move on. Manor Clearance is a perfect example of a reputable probate valuation company in Surbiton KT6 and the immediate environs.

Who exactly is Manor Clearance?

  • We are a leading probate valuation company in Surbiton KT6 and the larger south London area. We have experience that spans 3 decades of offering professional and affordable probate valuation services.
  • The fact that we have been offering our probate services for over 3 decades means that we are very conversant with every noose and cranny around Surbiton KT6. Regardless of where you are located, we can always make our way to your premises at a moment’s notice.
  • When you contact us with any probate valuation-related requirement or query, we are always glad to listen to you and advise you on the way forward. Our RICS qualified surveyors and valuers can either come to your premises promptly or at a time of your convenience.
  • However, we like to advise our clients that they should always be awake to the 6-month window within which a probate valuation must do, after the date of death of a loved one. This requirement is clearly spelled out in the Inheritance Tax Act of 1984 and failure to comply may attract fines and penalties from HMRC.


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