Probate Valuation Victoria
Probate valuation Victoria SW1

A probate valuation is one of those necessary steps that come at a difficult time, a time when you are mourning the demise of a loved one. As a resident of Victoria SW1 and the surrounding areas, we clearly understand this; we have worked with thousands of clients over the last 30 years, offering the best probate valuation services. You don’t have to feel alone, confused, under pressure, or desperate when faced with a valuation; Manor Clearance is your reliable and caring partner in this matter.

  • Don’t fall for the many companies claiming to offer probate valuation services, only to let you down badly along the way. Rather, pick a reputable and experienced company like Manor Clearance.
  • Manor clearance has RICS qualified valuers and surveyors. This is to say that they are professionals, and are well qualified. In the 30 years that we have been offering our valuation services, none of our probate valuation reports has been rejected by HMRC, or found with any blatant inaccuracies.
  • Mind you, HMRC is always hawkeyed, looking for probate valuations that are inaccurate or doctored. Inaccurate could mean leaving out some items intentionally so as to pay lesser tax. While this may seem like a clever way out, truth is that when HMRC learns of it, you’re likely to be penalized heavily.
  • While at it, we will also help you transport any items that you may wish to transport for donations to charity organizations, or for auctioning. Auctioning off some of the items you no longer require is a good way to raise quick money. Manor clearance has contacts of the top auctioneers around, and will be glad to connect you with such so that you get value for your money.


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