Probate Valuation Walthamstow
Probate Valuation Wathamstow E17

A probate valuation is one of those processes that you can’t afford to do wrongly; in order for the Inland Revenue to give you probate, the valuation report must be accurate. In other words, you may have all the right documentation, but if the valuation isn’t done correctly, then you’re doomed from the word go. That’s why at Manor clearance, we can help you get an accurate, HMRC compliant probate valuation in Wathamstow   E17 and the immediate areas.

What should one to ensure that the probate valuation is done accurately?

  • First and foremost, you need to understand that only a RICS qualified and registered valuer or surveyor can carry out an accurate valuation. As long as the valuer valuing the property isn’t RICS certified, then your valuation report is likely to be rejected by Inland Revenue.
  • Secondly, all valuations in the entire UK ought to be done in accordance with Section 160 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984. This Act specifies who ought to conduct a probate valuation, what items ought to be included, as well as which are exempt from taxation.
  • At Manor Clearance, our valuers are fully qualified. They will also help search your home or house in case you have misplaced any documents, or other valuable items. For instance, souvenirs misplaced around your home, Title Deeds, Jewelry, etc, are all some of the items we can help search within the property.
  • If you also wish to donate some of your items to charity. Manor clearance is always ready to help you transport such to the organization of your choice. The same applies for items that you wish to auction off; we will connect you to the top auctioneers, and also transport the items for you.


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