Probate Valuation SunburyProbate Valuation Sunbury TW16

Undertaking a probate valuation is not an easy thing. There are legal obligations to meet, numerous forms that require to be filled, and the fact that all these are done when one is still grieving the demise of a loved one doesn’t make things better. It is thus very crucial that you get a very reliable and able probate valuation company to get the job done. Manor clearance has been offering probate valuation services in Sunbury TW16 and the immediate environs for over 3 decades.

We are a team you can always count on to get the job done accurately, professionally, and on time. Mind you, HMRC requirements dictate that all valuation reports must be completed within 6 months after the person has died. Furthermore, the valuation has to be done in line with the Inheritance Act of 1984. We understand that you may not be very conversant with all these legal requirements and are thus on standby to guide you forward.

Some of the HMRC documents and forms that you’ll need to sign include;

  • Schedule IHT 405; this comprises of land, buildings, houses, etc
  • Schedule IHT 407; this comprises of vehicles, boats, jewelry, art works, antiques, and other valuables.
  • Schedule IHT 408; usually, these are household goods that can be donated to charity organizations.
  • Schedule IHT 404; these are the assets that are owned jointly.

We will help you download all of the above forms from the HMRC website, and fill them accordingly. Once they’re filled, they are then submitted jointly with the written valuation report that we will have done for you. We also help you get maximum value for any items that can be auctioned, by directing you to recommended top auctioneers in town. Our valuers will also advice you on the auctioning process, or even do it on your behalf.


Our Probate valuation services cost from as little as £ 200 and can entail a verbal or written valuation. Contact us today for all your queries and questions; it is always a pleasure serving our clients.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]