Shoreditch Clearances

Shoreditch sings with its distinctive fragrances never short of a curry. This trendy area of funky haircuts and bowler hats, skinny jeans and alternative fashion keep the people as colourful as its graffiti walls. In the West Liverpool street and the city. In the centre Spitalfields market house the handpicked clothes and scarves, own brand t-shirt prints, cake heaven and the rise of the spoon ring makers.

In close walking distance to Whitechapel; famous for its spooky history of Jack the Ripper and the Blind beggar pub, leading up to Vallance road home to the Krays in the 1950’s. Shoreditch has an eastern vibe of its own, anyone looking to pick up a cool badge can most definitely get one here.

HOUSE CLEARANCE in the EAST always keep us on our toes, it’s one of our favoured historic areas where we always have a bounce in our step! Whether it’s OFFICE CLEARANCE, GARAGE CLEARANCE, or Help with DE-CLUTTERING Manor Clearance can cover it all.