We can provide complete office clearance with an emphasis on recycling and upcycling old office equipment, furniture, and stationery. We are all responsible for the environment, both as individuals and corporations, in providing a duty of care for future generations.

At Manor Clearance, we work together with CEOs and office managers to distribute the unwanted items, a process at the end of which all parties are left feeling good to have seen the items go to a better home.

Electronic supplies can be donated to developing nations, WEEE certificates are given. Office furniture can be donated to various projects, on a not-for-profit basis. The target is for 99% of all materials to be reused. We will clear your offices and leave them swept clean. If required, we are able to provide a cleaning service, including carpet cleaning, to make the premises ready for new occupiers.

Sometimes this may be part of a relocation of your company. We can also help with this, and we have a proven track record over many years dealing with all aspects of relocation.

We are green and proud, and we can help your company to be green and proud too!

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