Get Rid Of Confidential Office Clearance

As technology advances, fraudsters have become a lot more sophisticated in their trade, they have developed high-level techniques to steal data; and non-shredded materials fall victim very often. According to the law, businesses are responsible for all the information they produce like bank account information, private correspondence as well as employee records. There are normally regulations for safekeeping and timed disposals of all the information that could be used for identity theft as well as other frauds. Most business owners don’t even realize they are placing themselves and their clients in danger when disposing confidential documents in the wrong way.

How to get rid of confidential materials?


When it comes to disposing of confidential items from your office, the best thing you should do is look for a certified confidential clearance company. A reliable company will give you certificates of destruction as well as an audit trail once they are done. Confidential clearance companies have in-depth knowledge about all the things that need to be done during the destruction and in additional to that, they follow stringent security measures when shredding your documents. The companies also have the right equipments to destroy everything from documents to other types of files like hard drives, tapes and CDs.

Reasons to hire a company

Hiring a professional confidential clearance company to get rid of that waste for you will give you a chance to destroy everything beyond recognition in a way that no one can ever use any of that information against you. They will take care of the recycling and make sure that all the waste is disposed off in an eco-friendly manner. Hiring a company also frees up your employee time since they won’t have to deal with it and it also eliminated any chance that the information could get in the wrong hands.

In case you are worried that the company might retain some documents, you can ask to be present during the shredding process so you can witness everything being destroyed. If you are wondering why you cannot just shred the documents in your office, the basic shredders found in most office do not comply with the Data Protection Act and if you do this, you stand to be fined in court.

Self shredding does not prove to clients that their documents are completely destroyed but when you hire a confidential clearance company, you will have a document to prove it. This will give you and your clients peace of mind.