Why Everyday Should Be An Earth Day

Since 1970, nations around the world have been celebrating Earth Day with different acts of conservation and local events. Still, one day does not feel like enough because we are bound to the with the environment and the earth on a daily basis, taking care of it should be something we do every day because in the end, it is in out benefit. Of course, celebrating it does not mean we have to host parties and all but there are simple things everyone can do. Here are reasons why you need to celebrate Earth Day, every day.

earth day

The sense of responsibility to Mother Nature
We owe a lot to our planet; we all have a role to play in conserving it because we are among the most responsible multitudes on it. This is where we reside on day in day out and we need to partake in deeds that actually ensure security as well as the wellbeing of Mother Earth.

Ecosystem balance
A balanced ecosystem is the key to a flourishing life on earth and we should all play our part in bettering the environment even if for just one day. There are many different ways to do something about this like planting more trees, keeping surroundings clean as well as anything else one can do to make the planet a better place to live on.

To live a better life
Who would not want to live in a nice and secure place? Everyone wants to know that they are safe and they have a good life. If everyone made a small but sincere contribution on earth, it would blossom rapidly and would be a better place to live in. Life would generally improve for the better.

Achieve environmental goals
You probably know that small drops of rain ultimately fill the ocean and if everyone made a point of improving the land then the whole earth would be well taken care of. With things like global warming, well all need to be on the lookout.

Improve personal health
As pollution increases so does the level of innumerable diseases and the dwindling greens are no help either. Celebrating Earth Day means that you do something goods for the environment.


We need to take care of our environment and see to it that everything reusable is reused and anything recyclable is recycled. Besides, recycling businesses are thriving and we can all admit that going green saves us some few coins here and there..