House Clearance During Hot Summer Weather

During summer, keeping your rubbish at bay during hot summer months is important to keep your home fresh. In the heat, bad bacteria can multiply even faster than usual. So to keep your home more sanitary and fresh smelling, follow these tips below;

Recycle even more than usual. You can reduce how much bad smelling waste you are left with by recycling as much as you can.

Your House Clearance recycling waste should be larger than your landfill waste, and most packaging today can be recycled.
Mixed recyclable waste is made of:

• Glass
• Plastic
• Paper and cardboard
• Aluminium tins and cans

Make sure when recycling that there is no food waste in any of the containers; this makes recycling difficult and leaves a bad smell. Wipe food away or rinse out before putting in recycle box.

Make sure there is a lid on the waste bin and food waste bins. This helps to trap any smells inside and keep flies away too. Flies love stale food and water, and will be a nuisance around your home if rubbish isn’t controlled.

Put food waste in the designated food waste bin, with the lid. This lid stops the smell from escaping
Clean and disinfect your bins regularly, as some food and drink particles can get in the bottom, and start to go stale and mouldy in the heat. Leave them outside to dry thoroughly before using again.

If you’re short on time use Dettol sprays and other disinfectant sprays on your bins. There are also powder forms of disinfectant and deodorizers especially for bins, that you sprinkle in to the bottom to keep it dry and smell-free.

If you are using house clearance, waste and unwanted items should be disposed of with the help of a waste removal company.

There will be a lot more to dispose of than you realise. However, that is not a problem for manor clearance who have years of experience with home clearances.

We have the expertise to dispose of your waste responsibly and efficiently.