House Clearance Esher
Clearance Esher  KT10

Welcome to the premier house clearance service providers in Esher KT10 and the areas around. We are well aware of the fact that you may not always spare the time to thoroughly clear your home waste, and even when you do, you are likely to need a helping hand at some point. Before you know it, you have a load of waste and junk that is stinking and almost posing a health risk to your family. But it doesn’t have to reach those levels!

  • We’ll help clear all manner of home waste, from old clothes, shoes, broken down furniture, car tires, electronics like fridges, TVs, old carpets, and all manner of junk around your home.
  • Out of all the waste that clear from your premises, we help you resell what is sellable, and repair what is repairable. Mind you, not every junk and waste around your home deserves to be thrown away; some can be repaired or resold.
  • In the many years that we have been serving residents of Esher KT10, we have realized that most households tend to book house clearance services on a short notice. That’s okay! We have about 4 teams of waste clearance teams at any given time, each on standby, and fully equipped.
  • Thus our same day services are never hectic or rushed; they are a part and parcel of our service packages. The only thing we need to know is your location, as well as your availability as the home owner.
  • We are the only company in Esher KT10 that has an App where you can hire our services from the comfort of your phone. Yes, you heard it right! The app sends you reminders of the next clearance exercise, as well as tips to help you manage your home waste in a hassle free and eco friendly way.


No other company comes close to our highly professional and personalized house clearance services; we lead the pack, others follow.