House Clearance Sunbury

House Clearance Sunbury TW16

Residents of Sunbury TW16 and its environs are welcome to sample the wide variety of house clearance services that we offer. Our teams of well trained and experienced staff will carry out their job with competence and efficiency, in the least amount of time. Our house clearance services include:-

  • Clearance of Old Furniture and Fixtures;

Our teams of experienced house clearance technicians are competent in the handling of bulky items of furniture including grand pianos, old bath tubs, prefabricated swimming pools and so forth. You can rest assured that there’s no item that is too bulky for us to handle.

  • Clearance of Discarded Appliances;

All electrical and some home appliances are considered to pose both health and environmental risks. This is why they are classified as hazardous house clearance waste needing proper handling and disposal. As such, it would be wise on your part to choose us to clear your discarded appliances. Our crews are thoroughly trained in handling hazardous house clearance waste.

This includes all organic and inorganic waste originating from food preparation and other consumable in the household. Organic waste recycled and used to make organic manure while inorganic waste such as plastic and glass bottles are resold to plastic and glass recycling facilities.

  • Yard Waste House Clearance;

Our yard waste clearance crews come fully equipped to handle any form of yard waste which includes cut grass, fallen leaves, twigs, fallen tree branches and the occasional dead tree.

Charity/ auctions; when moving houses, we help you make the most out of the items that you no longer need in your new life. We help you donate such to charity, or take them for auctioning if you so wish. Everything is done safely and conveniently.


Talk to us today, we are always eager to prove to new clients why our clearance services are the best you’ll get anywhere in Sunburry TW16.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]