How To Help Protect The Environment

Over the years, awareness has been raised on the need to protect the environment from destruction and pollution. We read about in books, heard it from our teachers and elders. Today, we are experiencing firsthand just what a disturbed and damaged environment can mean. From the persistent flooding to the famines and droughts, global warming is rearing its ugly head in ways we could only vaguely imagine some years back. The snow and glaciers at the Arctic are melting faster than at any other time in history. Thus protecting the environment is something we should all embrace in whatever ways we can.  As an individual, there are a hundred and ones that you can contribute towards helping protect the environment;

  1. Planting more trees; there’s an old saying that the best time to have planted a tree was yesterday; the next best time is today. Panting more trees helps purify the air around us, considering the huge carbon emissions that clog the atmosphere. Trees also attract rain which in turn brings forth more life on earth.
  2. Conserving energy; the energy we use at homes to cook, warm our homes, iron our clothes, power our electronics; all these come at a cost to the environment. It’s thus prudent to minimize our consumption of such; always switch off the lights when they’re not in use, don’t leave your hot shower on for long since this consumed much power. Solar power is the more recommendable option if one totally wants to protect the environment.
  3. Buying recycled goods; it is good to appreciate the efforts of those that go to great extents to recycle waste products. Recycling helps make new products put of waste that would have been disposed of. Mind you, the production of new products means new raw materials, which means more pressure on the environment.
  4. Chemicals are harmful; if you are a farmer and are faced with pest eradication methods, always opt for methods that don’t rely on usage of harmful chemicals. You’d be saddened to know that every time you use a chemical, the effects trickle down to every living organism within that vicinity. You poison a rat, a stray cat feeds on it and dies of the poison, a falcon flying overhead feasts on the dying cat and also falls victim; such a vicious, deadly cycle. Yet, you can use traps or a cat to eradicate the same rats that are giving you sleepless nights.
  5. Embracing green; what about riding your bicycle to work rather than driving your comfy car? Or even better for your health, walk to work? Cars emit so much carbon emissions that in places like china, there are days when people are barred from using their cars to come to the city! The car emissions cause smog that causes traffic and health complications.
  6. Don’t burn waste; unless in very necessary  circumstances like the incineration of medical waste and such like, most of the waste generated in homes, offices, don’t require burning as the mode of disposal. Garden waste can be used for mulching, plastics, rubber, metal, broken glasses, papers; these can be taken to a recycling center. Basically, burning kills the micro organisms in the soil that are responsible for supporting new life.
    lightbulb in nature
  7. Join a group or center; desperate times calls for desperate measures. Don’t just live an eco friendly life; step out and help mass the message. You can volunteer to help collect materials like cans that can be recycled, or donate to a group that advocates for the same. You could even take the war online by sharing your message on social media.