We don’t just do the inside, we clear the whole footprint of a property

The term house clearance is somewhat deceiving when it comes to our work. Much of the word we do is to clear external garden areas around a house. Indeed, this can be more of challenge as many of us store a great deal of unwanted furniture, ornaments and other items as well as filling our sheds and garages with tools, bikes and just about anything and everything.

Probate valuation of shed and garage contents

Many homes we clear were the properties of the recently deceased. By their very nature, elderly residents will be less mobile and likely to keep external areas clear. Very often we uncover long lost keepsakes and important items relatives will want to keep. Some of the items are that valuable, they end up in auction rooms, generating sizeable sums of money as part of the value of the estate. This is where our expertise in valuation items comes to the fore. We aren’t just a house clearance company, we carry out an abundance of probate valuations, valuing huge amounts of items on a weekly basis. These items are recorded in the infantry ready to be sent to auction, ready for the next appropriate sale.

What do we find?

One of the common items are old bicycles. What many do not realise is the fact that just a few are valuable items. The vintage racer with a collectively manufacturing badge can be worth £thousands. Just occasionally we come across a typical barn find historic vintage or classic vehicle. We haven’t found that rare Bugatti as yet, but certainly a few very special and unique classics.

Other items could be rare vinyl records, numerous collectibles, vintage and rare toys, paintings, valuable ornaments, furniture and even some very rare collectable coins. In the decades of clearing houses, we have found some quite extraordinary items, some rare, a few, extremely valuable, and others that have true sentimental value to those left to mourn the loss of their loved one.

Our probate valuation work in London is an important service for our clients. We like to think our service isn’t the recipient of a family member uttering the words, I wonder what happen to that? Our recording of items sometimes resembles a copy of ‘War and Peace’. However, it is very important that items are recorded in detail and distributed to where they should.