Probate Valuation Banstead SM7

Are you a resident of Banstead SM7, and in need of urgent probate valuation services? Well, regardless of whether you are doing the valuation for the first time, or have ever done it before, Manor clearance is your reliable and reputable partner. We have an experience duration that spans over 3 decades, and our valuers are as qualified as they are courteous.

  • As far as we are concerned, a probate valuation is more than just the written final report; it’s an experience, and we seek to make it as fast and smooth as is possible.
  • In other words, we are able to offer you personalised, tailor made probate valuation services so as to fit in well your routine and schedule. Our valuers and surveyors are always on standby, ready to come over at a moment’s notice.
  • We ensure that our valuation reports are fair and impartial. Never be swayed by half baked probate valuers who tend to under value or over value your estate and property intentionally, claiming that it helps you pay lesser taxes.
  • Our experience over the years has shown that this is hogwash and can be a very costly mistake in the long run. The moment HRMC opens up an investigation on you, and realizes that you collaborated with a quack valuer to submit an inaccurate valuation report, you’ll be fined heavily!
  • As such, it is always better to opt for a professional and ethical probate valuation company like Manor House Clearance. Over the 30 years that we have been in practice, all our valuation reports have been accepted and acknowledged by HMRC.
  • We also help you sort and arrange any items of the deceased within the house. If you need to have anything taken for auctioning, donating to charity, Manor clearance can help you transport such to the best auctioneers in town.


Our services are fast and affordable; talk to us today and we’ll be glad to guide you forward. You can never go wrong with Manor clearance.