The process of valuing an entire estate in a probate situation

Probate and deceased estate valuation in London is a sensitive subject and requires the professionalism and experience of a wide team of advisors including Estate Agents, Surveyors, Legal representatives and a reputable house clearance company that can dispose of the assets wisely and responsibly.

An entire estate can consist of many aspects, some with considerable value and others that require a diligent and sustainable method of disposal. Manor House Clearance and Probate Valuations provide a comprehensive service in London and the home counties, where we can help to facilitate the necessary valuations working with a reputable legal representative who is responsible for the Probate process.

So, what does a typical estate consist of:

  • Property – In today’s society, many people own their own homes. Many have multiple properties here in the UK and overseas. To facilitate probate valuations, this work is led by the legal representatives generally, and they will advise, recommend and facilitate third party professionals to carry out the necessary property valuations.
  • Monetary assets – Again, it is not unusual for an individual to hold cash, stocks, shares, pensions and other assets of a monetary disposition.
  • Possessions – This is probably the most varied aspect of probate and deceased estate valuations. Jewellery, antiquities, furniture, vehicles and a wide array of possessions will all have a monetary value. Possessions are where Manor Clearance come in. We look at the entire possessions of a house and adjacent gardens to establish valuations, typically instructed by a legal firm, or indeed, a local auction house.

The executor of the will or administrator of the estate is usually responsible for procuring an estate valuation or facilitating this process. So, this will include calculating the value of the house and any other properties owned by the person who passed away. The executor will need to work out the value of any bank accounts, savings, pensions, life insurance policies, stocks and shares, debts and even gifts given in the last seven years. It is a complex subject, and an executor will require that professional help in order to ensure accuracy and scrutiny to accomplish an accurate accumulated final valuation of an estate.

Probate valuations – a complex subject that requires the necessary expertise

Invariably the process is too complex to deal with for most executors and paying a professional to handle this is a sensible option. This comprehensive service is called a Complete Probate or estate administration service, and also includes getting the grant of probate as a legal requirement.

Often overlooked in the valuation of an estate, or the process of disposing of an estate responsibly and to the wishes of family and friends, is to make sure you have an expert on hand who can value any antiques and collectables. They can also help to dispose of furniture either through a sale of those items, or the disposal of items that have no market value but need or require a sustainable solution.

Recycling and upcycling is something Manor Clearance are very keen on when providing probate valuations and house clearance services. As would all of us in a world that requires greater diligence where sustainability is concerned, we would much prefer to avoid trips to the local refuse centre, in favour of a sale of items to the many individuals and companies who are keen to recycle and upcycle for a worthy cause or commercial usage.

Probate and the process of valuing an estate is an increasingly complex subject. It requires an extensive arrangement of knowledge and expertise. Our part is to provide the expertise for valuing the deceased personal possessions. it is a service we have been providing in London and the home counties for many decades.