10 Easy Tips For School Clearance At The End Of The School Year

The school year may be done, but there’s a whole building that needs clearing before any break can be started. The use of a waste removal company will help get the clearance done quicker. Here are some tips to follow to prepare the school for clearance;

  1. Paintings, drawing and old text books that will no longer be used should be put in a black bin bag with a clear label for recycling.
  2. Organise found clothing and backpacks into groups, for example, jumpers should be put together, bags should be together. This will make clearing less chaotic.
  3. Unlabelled items should be put them in the lost and found box, or put in black bag to be sent to a charity shop.
  4. Broken pencils, worn out felt tips and old paintbrushes can be recycled, so put these in a bin bag for recycling.
  5. Collect any food waste around the school. Over the 6-week holiday these could leave a terrible smell in the corridors if not found.
  6. Most tables and chairs are recyclable. Broken or unwanted tables and chairs can be put aside to be collected with the recycling or be donated.
  7. Empty paint bottles, jars and large cardboard boxes can be re-used next term in art classes. Store these away in the art cupboards. They will come in handy when you need some materials for art classes, and is much cheaper than buying new.
  8. classroomPlants kept in the classrooms or staffroom should be taken home by someone to be watered, or planted outside. Our environment needs as much plants as possible.
  9. Some materials will be harder to dispose of like broken electric toys and dead batteries. Put these in a black bin bag and label. Your waste removal company will know how to safely dispose of these.
  10. Old PE equipment and IT equipment should not be thrown away in the regular waste. See if it can be fixed or mark it clearly to be given to a charity or the local council. This is environmentally responsible and socially responsible.

With the help of a waste clearance company, this task of clearing a school will seem less daunting. If you are unsure of what is valuable or not, the waste removal company will be able to assist and allocate all unwanted items appropriately.