Reducing Waste When Clearing Your Home

When you are doing waste clearance it’s ideal to consider the environment. You may find more waste than you imagined and a waste removal company can help you dispose of this. Reduce, reuse, recycle; bear this phrase in mind as this is good for your finances and the environment. This will help you deal with your waste responsibly and organise it to help the environment when clearing your home and in everyday life.


• Use leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day.
• Buy items with less packaging.
• Only buy food that you need and will eat, or put it in the freezer so it doesn’t spoil.
• Fix broken things rather than buy new.
• Buy reusable batteries to reduce spending on batteries.
• Make food at home rather than buying.
• Buy in bulk as this reduces your carbon footprint and use of natural resources.
• Use a multi-purpose cleaner rather than many speciality cleaners.
• Keep only important papers as hard copy and digitalise all your other papers like bank statements.


• Reuse a carrier bag or canvas bag when shopping.
• Shredded paper can be recycled, put it in a clearly marked bin bag.
• Reuse old newspaper for protecting gifts rather than bubble wrap.
• Visit charity shops.
• Refill bottles and reuse plastic tubs from takeaways for storing food.
• Upcycle some items such as jam jars and old bottles for new uses around the house.


• Recycle items made of aluminium tin, glass, paper, cardboard, plastic.
• Clean out any food inside first.
• Buy recycled toner and ink for your printer.
• Use recycled paper or paper made of hemp or bamboo.
• Recycle your electrical e-waste like old mobile phones, broken chargers etc.
• Large items may need to be removed by a waste removal company.
• Most councils provide recycling bins so there’s no excuse.

Reducing waste helps your finances, your council’s finances and saves the environment. It will reduce your carbon emission and reduce natural resources. Waste removal company will be thinking of the environment when clearing your waste.