We Go To Europe, Poland Calling

We have now a facility in Warsaw, Poland where we can send the most ordinary of items.

This is a large premises 30,000 sq. ft to be exact. It is a great feeling that items that would otherwise have to be adapted or go to landfill can be used as they are. This is because when something is moved from one country to another, it becomes interesting, as people are perhaps seeing something new for the first time.

It demonstrates how great British design was and is. There is something special about British design, and there is a reason it is celebrated the world over. Just look at our London Buses or the telephone boxes of yesteryear. Things made from Sheffield plate, and many everyday objects that are a little quirky and very English. Even our old newspapers hold interest, telling stories from the past and giving an insight into how life was once lived.

Should you visit London, add the Victoria and Albert Museum to your list of places to visit – it’s a wonderful place to see collections of everyday, well-designed objects . Far too good for the landfill!