What Not To Do With Your Rubbish

A healthy environment free of bugs, litter, and clutter is of big priority and necessity in our daily lives. Whether at home, at work or on the street, rubbish possess a challenge when it is not disposed of properly. Council or commercial rubbish cleaners sometimes delay in picking up waste. Apart from the health risks caused by mishandling of waste, there are strict environmental laws against the same and you might pay heavy fines. Here are tips for safe handling or rubbish before it is cleared and disposed of.

  • Dumping

    Dumping rubbish in open space creates quite a menace to the environment. There are even laws and penalties against this action. Open air dumping of waste causes respiratory diseases and other serious health conditions. The wastes could end up in waterways and change the composition of water. This will adversely impact all living things that derive from that water. It is prudent to call the help of professional rubbish removers who will help you dispose your load of wastes at very affordable costs. Professional rubbish cleaners will help you take care of all wastes including cumbersome house wastes like old chairs.

  • Burning


    The smoke and the smell is just so insufferable and will put you at loggerheads with your neighbors. Burning garbage smoke causes headaches, nausea and the risk of respiratory diseases. Smoke from burning rubbish usually contains a combination if arsenic elements like mercury, lead or sulfur oxides. Exposure to these elements has been known to cause cancer, damage to the immune system, reproductive system, the liver and brain development. On the other hand, if the fire becomes uncontrollable you could get the whole of your lawn charred, especially in a windy summer. Besides, dense smoke from burning rubbish in your backyard might block the vision of road users nearby; the perfect recipe for road accidents.

  • Piling up of rubbish


    Find an immediate solution for disposing of your waste. Do not let the rubbish outside your house accumulate over a long period of time. Piling waste oftentimes leads to environmental pollution; soil, water, and air. Microorganisms and rodents will definitely find a haven in your rubbish piles. Rubbish piles facilitate the spread of diseases and parasites which can make your home an unpleasant place. In addition, most household wastes are inflammable and so letting them pile outside your home possess you the risk of a fire hazard. Ensure that all rubbish bin lids and sacks are closed at all times.

  • Putting all wastes in one bin

    Some wastes are recyclable while others decompose immediately. It suffices that you do not put all your waste in one basket. Recyclables will be easily contaminated by the decomposable wastes and this will reduce their quality. At the end, you will be the loser because you will miss on the chance to exchange useful wastes like fluorescent bulbs for new ones. Categorizing waste, for instance, domestic and garden work or scrap also helps the rubbish cleaners to better sort out and transport the wastes.

    please do not litter

  • Broken glass

    Don’t put broken glass and bottles into the rubbish bin without first wrapping them in a newspaper. It could cause injury to the rubbish collectors handling the bags. The same applies for chemicals, paints and other liquids that will play hobs with clearance efforts.

  • Hazardous wastes

    Don’t mix hazardous wastes with your other types of rubbish. Hazardous materials like batteries and other lab chemicals need special handling. There are many affordable operators you can reach out to help you dispose of hazardous wastes.