Why To Recycle

Today’s environment has suffered a great deal of pollution and as a result environmental toxins have caused lots of health, economical and financial problems. Fortunately, there is still a way to have a positive impact on the word, through a process known as recycling. Not only the natural environment benefits but we too when people make it a habit to recycle goods. Some of the factors that contribute to accumulation of rubbish include;

  • Increase of wealth

    affluent people are mostly in the habit of impulse buying of more products and this result in creating more waste.

  • Population increase

    as the population increases, resources on the land are depleted and more people create waste.

  • Technological advancement

    more industries have sprouted in the past few years and much of the products manufactured are made up of materials that are not bio degradable.

  • Lifestyle changes

    fast foods are a preferred choice of food and thus these cans and plastic bags used to package these fast foods create additional waste.

Environmental impact as a result of waste disposal

Landfill sites are a common site in many homes as well as industries. The products contained therein are harmful chemicals which when burnt produce toxic gasses into the air. Green house are also responsible for releasing harmful chemicals. When you recycle it helps to reduce such pollution by putting into use products that could otherwise be thrown away.

Recycling promotes the use of used material in the manufacturing process and thus helps conserve raw materials that would otherwise be extracted in manufacturing of fresh materials through activities like mining and forestry. This also results in less energy since there would be no need to extract and process raw materials. The current UK recycling is estimated to save more than 18 million tonnes of carbon emissions in a year.

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