Clearing offices and commercial premises

With the advent of GDPR and the aspect of protecting sensitive information, Office clearance has taken on a new and increasingly responsible status. However, dealing with sensitive information has been part of the process of providing professional office clearance services for many years. Businesses by their very nature, and some more than others, carry or hold sensitive information of varying degrees dependent on the services and products they sell.

Much of this information is held on computers, servers, local storage devices and in data centres under the protection of many firewalls and forms of encryption. The fortunate aspect of clearing offices in the modern era is the fact most data is stored off-site in a safe environment. This makes our job much easier, with less paperwork to move and greater digital protection on the equipment we are moving. Our job as part of an office clearance is to ensure the data is protected at all times and certainly not lost during that process.

So, what is required in an office clearance situation?

Our range of services sometimes incorporates professional partners, dependent on the level of service required. A typical office clearance would entail:

  • Removal, reuse, recycling and disposal of office furniture
  • Secure data destruction where required (electronic & paper)
  • WEEE recycling
  • Stripping out and handling dilapidations
  • Producing any environmental reports on completion
  • Clearance of rubbish, allocation of recycling and disposal
  • Asset purchase/sale, including furniture, IT and catering equipment
  • Full project management

Office Clearance – the duty of care

There is a legal responsibility for companies to act in accordance with the EU Waste Framework Directive. We can manage this process for you, supplying a full audit trail to ensure the required compliance.

Affordable commercial office clearance

Our services are extremely affordable when you factor in any disposal of assets. We are able to value those assets and any sale of the assets can be offset against the cost of the office clearance.

Ensuring sustainability

Looking at sustainable solutions is a huge part of our services. We are continually looking at recycling and upcycling of furniture, networks and equipment and are able to advise on the best possible solutions to ensure the ethical disposal of goods.

Office Clearance, where we work

Most of our work is carried out in London and Home Counties. We are able to offer our services dependent on the size and economics of the project.

If you have an office in London and the Home Counties that requires a professional company to either move or dispose of assets, we would be happy to provide a quotation on the project.