A homeowners guide to sustainable living, are you ready?

In the past 10 years, the need for an environmental change in attitudes has become very apparent in our modern society. With the use of transport, technology, and environmental pollutants on the rise every year, to campaign about the environment is more important than ever before.  At Manor Clearance, we not only clear homes, but we are also champions of environmental responsibility.

Making your home Eco-friendly

Finding ways to make your home eco-friendly is difficult when you don’t know where to start. So, the simple solution to this is to start small. That may be planting more trees or making a conscious effort to better your recycling habits; both of which will help to significantly lessen your environmental impact.

Inherently, we use energy sources in many aspects of our lives, but there are a few ways we could have a more positive influence on the environment through the use of our energy supply and our attitudes towards local recycling.


Finding a solution, what are the options open for those who want to adopt a more sustainable future?

 Solar Panels: The benefit of solar power is revolutionary as not only do they save you money on energy bills, but the impact also helps to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases from polluting the air we breathe. Unlike fossil fuels, this renewable energy source is cost-effective, and it won’t run out anytime soon.

Electric Cars: The new and revolutionary piece of technology; the electric car or EV provides many practical impacts on carbon emissions through travel as they offer the opportunity to create far less of a carbon footprint than a petrol or diesel car would. In fact, as of 2019 transportation makes up 29% of greenhouse gas emissions, making the car industry the largest cause of pollution in the present-day. Hence, why our government leaders are keen on losing the combustion engine to power vehicles.

Reduce, Re-use, RecycleModern-day recycling has become more and more popular since it was first introduced widely to the UK pubic in the 1970s. The ramifications of not finding a solution before then has had a detrimental effect to the planet we call home. Therefore, now more than ever, making a conscious effort to recycle plastics, cardboard and glass is necessity for society. Your local waste service is now encouraging us all to ensure different types of waste are distributed in the right bins.


 What makes Manor Clearance so passionate about the environment?

We have seen first-hand the sheer extent of household belongings going to waste, much of which can be upcycled or recycled to provide excellent items for others. Modern times have demonstrated an attitude towards a ‘throw away’ mentality. We now must collectively adopt a change in mindset and look at new ways of making sustainable choices.

At Manor House Clearance we are extremely focussed on the recycling and upcycling of furniture and other household items, notwithstanding our responsibility to dispose of any true waste in a sustainable manor. The responsibility of us all is now in our own hands. If we don’t adopt change, we will be forever in the debt of future generations to come.