London with its 8.7 million residents, represents a huge and very dense area for high-value property. The streets of west London have some of the most valuable real estate in the UK and the same can be said for the contents of these homes. At Manor House Clearance and Probate Valuers, we are regularly called by legal firms, auction houses and families to conduct a house clearance on their behalf.

With the value of the homes, it certainly isn’t unusual to uncover considerable value from inside those homes. We can maximise the value of an estate, whilst disposing of true junk in a sustainable manner. With considerable contents of a home being upcycled and recycled, the level of materials going to landfills has been greatly reduced.

Our services cover the whole of London and home counties, and we conduct:

We also cover:

Manor House Clearance covers a wide area, providing a comprehensive service to firstly value the contents of a home. Anything of value that that isn’t considered an heirloom is distributed to London auction rooms for selling. A great deal of furniture is sold to people looking to upcycle and recycle. Everything else is disposed of in a sustainable manner to protect the environment.

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