Recycling and Upcycling, it’s an attitude to sustainability for now and the future

In an age where sustainability is now a strong and commonly discussed subject, it is the responsibility of companies like us at Manor House Clearance to make sure we act in a responsible manner. This is a subject we consider to be very important and have worked extremely hard to make sure we are acting responsibly in our capacity as a house clearance company in London.

Dealing with an entire estate in a probate and estate valuation situation means we are tasked with the responsible disposal of possessions that have little or no monetary value. However, attitudes have now changed towards recycling and upcycling of personal possessions. It has become a popular subject with many individuals either carrying out this practice as a hobby, or to earn a little extra cash, or indeed, as we see in many London streets, there is an abundance of retailers now focusing on innovative upcycling of personal possessions. This is equally matched with folks who are interested in buying innovative, unique and creative objects for their homes and gardens.

The upcycling of furniture from a house clearance

Our business is house clearance, and typically furniture is the popular possession we pass on for upcycling. London homes are littered with some fabulous possessions that may have seen better days. With a little work and creativity by some passionate individuals, they transform a tired old piece of furniture into a desirable item to attract discerning consumers. Experiencing the results of their hard work gives us a great deal of pleasure.

If you are someone who is passionate about upcycling and recycling furniture, or indeed, other objects typically found in a London home, please do get in touch with us at Manor House Clearance. We want to ensure we continually reduce the number of possessions that go to waste. It makes little or no sense for this to happen, and makes a great deal of sense to see a recycled or upcycled item back on the shelves and in the homes of those who live in and around London.